Job preferences

Setting the right preferences makes it easier for you to spend time doing what you love — working with customers. Tell us the types of jobs you're interested in and we'll send you the customers that are right for your business.

Job preferences is one way you target the right customers. You will be asked to set job preferences when you set up targeting for a service.

After targeting is set for a service, you can edit your job preferences for that service at any time.

How to edit job preferences

Here's how to tell us which are the right jobs for your business:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click Services from the left navigation panel
  3. Select the service you would like to update
  4. Click on Job types
  5. Check and/or uncheck the types of jobs that are right for your business
  6. Click Next

If you have additional information to fill out for that service, the next button will lead you to it.

If targeting is not set up for any of your services, you can click the  Set up targeting button on the service you wish to set up. This will walk you through travel, job, and any other preference options you have for that service.

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