Automatic refunds

We know you work hard and for a business owner, every dollar counts. If your quote is not viewed by the customer within 96 hours we will automatically refund your credits.

  • All refunded credits are automatically added back to your account.
  • Refunded credits are immediately available to reuse.

When to dispute a charge

If you experience one of the situations below, let us know and we'll issue a refund if it qualifies.

Pro Tip

We don’t issue refunds just because a customer didn’t hire you. Once the customer contacts you, the job is yours to win.

The customer's job changes significantly

If a customer contacts you and their job is drastically different than their initial request, let us know. For example, if the job is in a completely different location, or its a job you don't offer, just email us.

A customer's job violates our Terms of Service

We verify and check every lead that is submitted and make sure it doesn't violate our terms of service. If you found a job or customer that violates them please email us and report the customer. For example, this could be a job from a business looking for employees, or a minor.

What to expect after disputing a charge

There may be other situations where we can give you a refund. We can’t offer refunds for everything, but we'll do our best to be reasonable and fair. Contact us directly to request a refund.

Pro Tip

We don’t issue refunds via cash or credit cards. All refunds will go directly to your account balance.

Keep in mind:

  • You must let us know within 30 days to qualify for a refund.
  • Save all the information you can including conversations with the customer to share with us.
  • Refunds will appear immediately after we approve them.

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