First time buying credits

We are in the business of helping service professionals market their business in a way that is profitable and sustainable for them, and for us.

Since this is your first time purchasing credits we require you to purchase a package of credits at a discounted rate; enough credits to send 10 quotes. This should ensure you have enough quotes to get at least your first hire, possibly more.

When you are out of credits, you are able to buy another package or just enough to send one quote at a time.

Here is how you buy credits:

  1. We send you customer requests that match your location, travel preferences, and services.
  2. Choose a customer request and respond with your quote.
  3. Create your quote and click Send.
  4. At this point the website will prompt you to purchase your first pack of credits to complete the sending process.
  5. Enter your payment information and click Submit Payment and Send Quote.
  6. Wait for a reply from the customer.

At this point your payment is processed and your quote is sent to the customer. You now have enough credits to send quotes to many more customers. Each customer request you receive will tell you how many credits it costs to send your quote.

If your quote is not viewed by the customer within 48 hours we will automatically refund the credits you used back to your account for future use.

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