Writing a great quote

Tips for writing great quotes

To ensure you are successful and able to make the most from each quote, we have created four principles to creating great quotes.


This is your first impression. Address the customer by name to personalize your response. Show them you know what they need by addressing specific details that were mentioned in their request and share some insights to let them know you'll provide a quality service that is based on their expectations and needs.


Customers need to know why they should hire you. Tell them why you are the best by sharing your expertise. Be sure to use correct grammar and spelling in your message. In a customer survey, we found that customers link level of professionalism directly to correct grammar and spelling in their quotes.


In your quote, you can include a price or you can choose to request more information. Either way, give a detailed explanation of what is and what is not included in your price. If you quote a price, tell them why you choose that price and be specific. If you need more information, ask the customer-specific questions so that they know what information you need.

Provide next steps

In many cases, the customer is turning to a professional for guidance. Tell the customer what to expect when they hire you and explain the next steps. You will definitely stand out when you are the only pro that lets the customer know what happens after they choose to hire you. Also, you will do well by making yourself available for a call. Add your contact information in your quote and inviting the customer to call you will surely provide you with a better chance to be hired.

If you follow these guidelines you will create well-written quote that addresses the needs of the customer, which will surely get you hired.

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