Setting Expectations

Making sure the professional you hire knows exactly what you expect from the beginning is an important part to achieving the best possible results for you and the pro.

Communication is key

Once you have hired a pro be sure to connect with them directly. Explain to them exactly what your needs are, when you want things done, and what you expect the outcome to be. Make sure the professional has every piece of information they need so they can provide the best service possible.

Stay involved

Do not wait to express your discontent. At any point, if there is something not to your liking, let the pro know. The pros want to provide satisfactory service and unless you tell them something is wrong, they likely do not realize it.

Maintain records

It is always a good idea to keep record of what you told your pro and when. Write down the expectations you shared with your pro. Keep track of your meetings. This is just good practice for any transactional relationship.

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