Get the right leads

Getting the right leads for your business is something you control. Set up your preferences to tell us which jobs are right for you, so we can show you to the right customers.

How It Works

Customers come to to find the right teachers for lessons. They tell us what they want to learn and where they’re located.

Using this information, we show them a list of teachers (we call it search results). Customers can filter search results using preferences. These relate to the Preferences you set up in your account.

After reviewing profiles in the search results, customers contact the teachers they’re interested in. At this point we ask the customer for more information, so you know if the customer is right for you.

When a customer chooses to contact you, their lead will be in your Inbox. If a customer contacts someone else, their lead will be in your Jobs tab and you can reach out to them if you’re interested.

We’ll notify you via email and/or text when you have a new lead in your Inbox and when you have opportunities in your Jobs tab.

Get listed in search results

To get leads, you need a complete profile so we can show you in search results.

During the sign-up process, you tell us what services you offer and where you’re located. This allows us to show your profile to customers from your area who need your services.

Be sure to complete your profile so that you stand out and attract customers.

Target customers with your preferences

Now that your profile is showing up in Search Results, set your preferences to get more of the leads you want, and less of the leads you don’t.

Setting your preferences helps us know which customers you want to see your profile. You pay automatically for these leads since they are the perfect job for you.

Some leads will not match all your preferences. We call these partial match leads and you do not pay automatically for these. If you’re interested in the lead, you can accept it and pay full price. If not, you can decline it for no charge.

Your preferences are always saved in your account. You can edit them or pause them anytime.

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