Easy Pay Terms of Use

By turning on Easy Pay, you agree to these Easy Pay Terms of Use. Except where provided explicitly herein, the Lessons.com Terms of Use and Privacy Policy shall apply fully and completely. Undefined capitalized terms have the meanings ascribed to them in the Lessons.com Terms of Use. Where these Easy Pay Terms of Use conflict with the Lessons.com Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, these Easy Pay Terms of Use apply. Lessons.com reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify these Easy Pay Terms of Use at any time and without prior notice. 


With Easy Pay, Lessons.com will automatically charge a Member’s stored credit card or debit card (“Card”) to send quotes. All sales on Lessons.com through Easy Pay are final and non-refundable. That said, we care about our users and if you accidentally or forgetfully turned Easy Pay on and are charged accordingly, you have 3 days to request a refund or adjustment.

When You'll Be Charged

Any time you attempt to send a quote within insufficient Credits in your account, you will be charged via Easy Pay for the amount you selected when you turned Easy Pay on.

Default Card

In Easy Pay, Lessons.com will first attempt to charge the default Card designated by a Member in that Member’s payment settings. In the event that Lessons.com is unable to charge that Card for any reason--including but not limited to exceeding the Card’s credit limit, Card cancellation, Card being out of date, or Card details being incorrect--the  Member agrees that Lessons.com may charge any other Card stored by that Member. Lessons.com will attempt to charge any Cards not designated by a Member as the default Card based on the order in which they were most recently updated on Lessons.com, with the most recently updated valid Card charged first. 

Turning Easy Pay Off

These Easy Pay Terms of Use will remain in effect for all charges that arise in whole or in part from the actions of a Member or a Customer Member that occurred while Easy Pay was turned on. Charges that arise wholly from the actions of a Member or Customer Member that occur after a Member has turned Easy Pay off will not be governed by these Easy Pay Terms of Use.

Easy Pay can be toggled on and off from the Account section of your Settings page, any time.

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