Direct leads

Direct leads are highly targeted, more qualified leads.

Direct leads are customers who searched through a list of instructors and specifically contacted you.

The customer has done the work of searching for the right instructor, decided you were a great fit, and contacted you directly.

When you receive a direct lead, you can view the lead details and have the option to accept or decline it.

All leads now come with phone numbers and we ensure limited competition to help you get hired.

You pay for direct leads in one of two ways:

  1. You pay if you accept the lead.
  2. You pay and accept the lead automatically if the lead is an "exact match" to your targeting preferences and you have targeting on for that service.
This is what it looks like when Targeting is on for one of your services. Check your services page.

Why Choose Targeting?

⚡ Achieve a 30% higher response rate from customers.

💼 Receive 3X the number of contacts you normally would.

🔍 Let customers come to you first by showing up in search results.

How Does It Work?

  1. Tell Us Your Preferences: Specify the kind of jobs you want, where you want them, and when you're available.
  2. Get Matched: Based on your preferences, we'll show your profile to customers who match your criteria.
  3. Connect: Customers can then find and contact you directly without waiting for you to make the first move.

You Are In Control

  • Decide your weekly budget for targeting. Edit it at any time.
  • Auto-pay for exact matches only, ensuring you always get value for your money.
  • All leads include guaranteed phone numbers and limited competition.

Turning Targeting on and auto-paying for exact-match, direct leads has it's benefits, but it is optional. You can toggle Targeting on and off, any time. Learn more about targeting.

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