Improve my profile

Building a strong profile with photos and reviews is an important step in getting hired. Your profile is one of the first things a customer sees. It tells customers who you are and helps them decide to hire you. Here are the main tips you'll learn from this article:

  1. Make a good first impression with a great profile photo and short and sweet introduction.
  2. Stand out from the crowd and build up your reputation with positive customer reviews.
  3. Add photos and videos of things like your facilities or action shots of you working.
  4. Go above and beyond and fill out the Questions and Answers section of your profile.

Let's go over each one in detail:

Make a good first impression

Customers like to see who they will be working with and your main profile picture is front and center when they first discover your business. 

"It is easier to trust someone when I can see their face and read what other customers said about working with them" -  Jamie A.

  • A logo can work here, but customers prefer to see your smiling face.
  • A quality headshot is well worth the investment

Write thoughtfully about your business

The introduction section is how customers learn about your services. Explain what makes you great and why you’re the right person to hire. The top three questions customers have about you are:

  • Are you professional? They want to know they are working with something that holds themselves to a professional standard. Show professional by checking your spelling and grammar on your profile and in your quotes.
  • How does your experience make you right for me? Give customers examples of your previous experience and work, so that they can see firsthand that you are a good fit for their needs.
  • Do I want to work with this person? Show customers that you are a great person to work with by telling them what you love about working with your customers. Show them you care and why.
Pro Tip

When it comes to the length of your intro it's best to keep it short and sweet. If you'd like to add more information, be sure to fill out the  Questions and Answers section of your profile. This really helps round out your profile.

Build up your reputation

Customers use reviews to make hiring decisions. Reviews are the best way to promote your business. To start, aim to get at least 10 reviews from your past and current customers. You can ask customers you get from us and customers you get on your own to leave reviews.

On your profile, in the review section, you can find a link to your personal review page. You can share this like with past and current customers to generate some reviews to ensure your profile has everything it needs to work for you. 

Pro Tip

Be sure to ask customers for reviews after they’ve seen your work in action. At that point, they will have more positive things to say.

Stand out with photos and videos

Take your profile to the next level by adding photos and/or videos of things like your facilities or action shots of you working. Also, adding photos increases your chances of being hired, and we see that 71% of pros hired have at least one picture showing off their work.

Photos really do say 1,000 words. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Upload pictures or videos that demonstrate the quality service you provide. Maybe it’s before and after shots or action shots of your and/or your team.
  2. Aim to add at least 5 photos to maximize your chances of getting hired.

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