Profile photo

Customers like to see who they will be working with and your main profile picture is front and center when they first discover your business. The photo you choose for your profile will help you build trust with the customers you contact. 

Your picture should be professional, clear, and friendly. A picture of your smiling face is what customers want to see.

Profile photo tips

  1. A logo can work here, but customers prefer to see your smiling face.
  2. A quality headshot is well worth the investment
  3. Use natural light instead of using a flash. Photos that were taken by a window or outside or with professional lighting usually turn out best.
  4. Check your social media images. Most people use only the very best picture of themselves for their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, so it is worth looking there to see if you have a picture that is perfect.
Pro Tip

Pros that upload a profile photo get hired 77% more on average.

How to upload a profile photo

Once you have your photo ready to add to your profile here's how to do it:

  1. Go to your Profile page
  2. Click on the circle image to the left of your business name
  3. Click Upload photo
  4. Select your photo
  5. Click Save

Having a great profile image is a proven way to get more customers. Invest the time to get a great image and it will pay off.

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