Why are reviews important?

Customers use reviews to make hiring decisions. They want to know what it's like to work with you and reviews are the best way to make your business stand out.

Pro Tip

Pros with 5 or more reviews are twice as likely to be hired than pros without reviews.

What do customers see?

Customers see your overall rating, the number of reviews you have, and the message customers shared with their review.

You can request a review from your customer chat page, or by sharing your review link.

Learn the two main ways to get reviews or learn how to get your review link.

Review tips

  1. Share your review link with your past and current customers
  2. Add the reviews you have on your Website or Facebook page to your profile by using your review link (be sure you're logged out of your account before you submit them)
  3. To stand out as the best pro in your area, aim to get at least 10 reviews.

What are the different types of reviews?

There are two different ways to get reviews on your profile:

  1. Reviews from customers you get through us will show up as 'verified' reviews
  2. Reviews from customers you met on your own will not have a label

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