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A great profile gets you more customers.

Your profile is how you inform students about your services, build trust, and help students decide that you are the teacher to hire. Having a profile that stands out and shows off your expertise is a proven way to improve your results on Pros who have a picture of themselves and at least 3 reviews get hired 78% more.

"It is easier to trust someone when I can see their face and read what other customers said about working with them"

Jamie A. from Dallas, TX. - Customer

Your Profile Image

The photo you choose for your profile will help you build trust with the customers you contact. Your picture should be professional, clear, and friendly. A picture of your smiling face is what customers want to see. Finding or settling on the right image can sometimes be challenging for some. Here are a few tips to help you find or take a picture of you that is perfect:

  • Check your social media images. Most people use only the very best picture of themselves for their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, so it is worth looking there to see if you have a picture that is perfect.
  • If you can't find an existing picture to use, you can take one with your smart phone. A few easy tips to taking a great photo are: choose a plain background, try different lighting, and have someone else take it. We recommend having someone else take it because selfies often times do not look as professional as they need to be to promote your business. 

Having a great profile image is a proven way to get more customers. Invest the time to get a great image and it will pay off.

Your About Section

This is where your customers learn about you and your business. Your about section should tell customers everything they need to know about your skills and experience, so they can feel confident about hiring you. The top three questions customers have about you are:

  • Are you professional? They want to know they are working with something that holds themselves to a professional standard. Show professional by checking your spelling and grammar on your profile and in your quotes.
  • How does your experience make you right for me? Give customers examples of your previous experience and work, so that they can see firsthand that you are a good fit for their needs.
  • Do I want to work with this person? Show customers that you are a great person to work with by telling them why you started teaching and what you love about working with your customers. Show them you care and why.


Customers want to see what other think about you and your services. Recent studies show that customers believe a review is as trustworthy as a referral from a friend. Today, customer usually only buy a product or service that does not have reviews, so do everything you can to  get reviews on your profile.

On your profile, in the review section, you can find a link to your personal review page. You can share this like with past and current students to generate some reviews to ensure your profile has everything it needs to work for you.

All in all, the more you put into your profile, the more you will get out of it. The profile setup process will take you step-by-step through each section of your profile. Just start at the top with your business information section and follow the prompts until the profile is complete. This is something you only have to do one time and the results will have a lasting impact on your ability to successfully get new customers from our platform.

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